The elephant at the circus.

Our Story

After a few years in this business, I had an epiphany—every new provider or practice that came to me had, in some way or another, been taken advantage of by another billing company. I’ve heard horror stories about claims that just didn’t get submitted, recovery that wasn’t done, and no one picked up a phone to make that call to get that money, a patient got a check and no one ever called the patient, and now the patient is gone! Wrong coding, claims submitted with no dollar amounts, and on and on. The other billing companies come to these doctors and providers with big promises… and very few actually deliver.

I realized that I am the lady walking behind the elephant at the circus with the big broom. The practices end up with us, and we clean up the mess left behind by every other billing company that has promised the moon, and delivered nothing.

So, yes, we are different—and I do NOT promise the moon. I DO promise that my entire company will work diligently to make your practice revenue stream as strong as possible. I promise that we will pursue your claims and get you paid the MOST that is possible. And, you can find me, virtually every day, working 14-18 hours, making sure the billing gets out.

I value and treasure all the practices that put their trust in us to ensure that they are able to make a living to support their families, and pay their bills. I will not promise perfection—we are human, and mistakes do happen. What I will do is OWN those mistakes and make them right. I won’t throw you or anybody else under the bus. This is a family-owned and operated business, and always will be. We’ll happily clean up after the other companies that promised you the moon and don’t deliver.

~ Lynn Reeves, President & CEO