Claims Submission

Claims submitted within 24 hours of receipt from your practice.

HIPAA compliant billing with electronic submission and posting. Whether we VPN to your existing system or build your practice account within our own system. Provider Services Management, LLC is able to generate reporting per your parameters. Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly. We provide transparency so that you always know exactly where you stand, and the percentage of reimbursement vs. claims submission.

Insurance Follow-up

Recovery begins 5 days after your claim(s) are submitted.

Aggressive insurance follow-up on remittances and rejections, perform insurance appeals, prepare arbitration for personal injury and worker’s compensation cases.


The PSM staff is 100% local, never outsourced.

Should there be balances owed by individual patients, Provider Services Management, LLC will collect the money due to your practice, without compromising your relationship as their physician.

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